Titanic T5

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CPU Model Number: SPD 6531 E
Flash File Size: 3.00 MB
Network IC Name: ………
Network IC Model Number: …………..
Charging IC Pin: 3 * 3 = 6 Pins
Charging Put Name: 8600 Micro USB Port
Display Pin: 20 Pins
Flash IC: No [ Use CPU ic ]
Ear Speakers: No
Out Speakers: Yes
[ Ear Speaker and Out Speaker One Speaker ]
Microphone quality: This phone Use a Universal mic
Battery Performance: Not Good for all time User
Motherboard quality: This Phone Motherboard quality Normal
Software version: ……….
Flash tools Name: Miracle Box
[Bast tools for all SPD 6531 E ic flashing ]
GSM: 900/1800 MHz
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