Agetel AG33 Pro

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Agetel AG33 Pro Flash File Reading Info

Wait for device …
Device Connected!
BootVersion : SPRD3
BootSource  :  InternalLibrary
BootVersion : Infinity SCR 6531EFM v2.0 (c)2019
Port speed : 921600
FDL Flash  : Control transfered!
Boot Done!
CS0_MEM : SPI : [GIGADEVICE] : GD25Q32 : 0x00400000 [ 4MiB ]
Read Flash Ok, Size : 4.00 MiB
Platform Version: MOCOR_16A.W17.43.4_Release
Project Version:   SC6531EFM_BAR
BASE  Version:     BASE_SVN
HW Version:        SC6531EFM_BAR
08-14-2023 14:42:20
LOG Version:      V1.0.1
Saved to : C:\Users\b\Desktop\Read Flash\AG33 Pro\Y3E_XT_M31_AGeTeI_AG33_Pro_3N1_240X320_V01_20230814.bin
Elapsed: 00:00:54
Reconnect Power/Cable!
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